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I will use OSP whenever possible. Great receptionists and I always ask for Matt. He is professional, personalbe, and does great work.

Fannie Summers
Pattie Hettinger

Jason was amazing. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Fixed everything including a less than stellar job from a fellow plumber at OSP that had been out a couple weeks before.

Robert Fox
lindsey Cantrell

Our service Technician was very helpful and kind.

Annette Black
JOHN Manglona

Agustin did a wonderful job but the front office and recipients are thrash techs are great when they start working.

Annette Black
Respect Is Earned

Well you will only know we exist if you need us. Other than that, you will never know of us. We work quietly in the shadows and are always there to help a home owner out of a bad water leak situation.

That will depend on the weather, air temperature, and exposure to wind. Spill overs and water features greatly contribute to evaporation rates. Generally 1/4″ is normal.

No, but we use ultrasonic acoustics which allow us to pick up the sound of a leak under the ground.

Leak detection, in its basic form, is by way of dye testing, pressure testing, visual inspection, and tracer gas detection. Our job is rarely an easy one but we help by being an all-in-one solution.

The industry standard is within a 2’x2′ area. Leak locators do have circumstances that can and do affect this like the depth and material of the pipe. A PVC pipe buried 4ft under ground with very compacted soil will be tough to find, but a pipe buried under a 4′ concrete slab and 12′ under the dirt can be found with great accuracy. 90% is up to the locator’s skills and 10% is his locating gear. We spend a lot of time wear ear muffs, listening for certain sounds that our ears are trained to pick up on. It takes a lot of “muff time” to get good at leak locating.

Our job is to work until we find a solution. It’s quite rare that our Leak Science team would come back without an explanation for your leak problem. Our job is a tough one and we are your last resort in many cases. We don’t have tech support lines to call when we need answers, so it’s up to us find them. And we love what we do!