Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Services In Las Vegas

Anywhere that has drains—homes, offices, restaurants, schools, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, etc.—are subject to recurring build-up in their system. This build-up can result in flooding, bad odors, contaminated water, and property damage, which can be hazardous to your health, expensive, and time-consuming to take care of.

When a clog or build-up becomes too intense for snaking a drain, hydro jet is the solution. At OSP Plumbing & Rooter, we’re proud to offer this service. Hydro jet is the most effective method for cleaning drains, as it can get rid of years of debris including sand, silt, scale, and clog build-up. It has the ability to make drains seem new again. In fact, there’s no better way to get pipes draining as well as the day they were installed than with hydro jet drain cleaning.

How Does Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Work?

Hydro jet drain cleaning works by using a high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle. This nozzle is connected to a device which pressurizes the water, producing a strong stream that powerfully clears the drain by using cutting, rotating, and spinning jets of water. This enforced stream can push anything—from grease to mineral residue to soap scum to clogged hair and even tree roots—through the drain.

How Hydro Jetting Works

The standard residential hydro jet drain cleaner uses 4000 psi (pounds per square inch), but this pressure can be adjusted depending on the clogs and residue.

Hydro jetting not only breaks up tough blockages; it also blasts away build-up, clearing the full diameter of the pipe. This leaves the pipe completely cleaned out and like new. And because hydro jet drain cleaning doesn’t use chemicals, it’s environmentally friendly.

Why You Should Work With A Hydro Jetting Professional

If you’re experiencing stubborn clogs, hydro jetting could be the solution you need. However, this is not a job for the DIY type. First of all, if you have tree roots in your pipes, it indicates a break in the protective lining of the sewer tile—and hydro jetting won’t be able to fix the problem permanently. Only an inspection from a plumbing professional will be able to determine if a break is there or not.

Even if you’re very handy, attempting to hydro jet the pipes yourself is not a good plan if you’re not a professional because if your pipes are in fact damaged or weak, a hydro jet may cause more damage (and more money). You really need an expert to figure everything out before a hydro jetting session can take place.

Besides this, an experienced plumber will know exactly how much water pressure to use to eliminate the specific clog. There are at-home hydro jetting kits, but we highly discourage using them. They can be dangerous and cause damage to your property.

At OSP Plumbing & Rooter, we pride ourselves on our hydro jet drain cleaning services. Our customers are continually pleased when their pipes are “made over” like new. If you’re experiencing tough clogs that need attention and you’re interested in our Las Vegas hydro jetting services, please contact us and we’ll get rid of your clogs.