Water Filtration System Installation Services In Las Vegas

Did you know that in some areas, water that comes directly into homes can contain magnesium, minerals, hormones, and even high levels of pesticides, pathogens, and contaminants? These dangerous elements don’t affect the taste or color of the water, but they are still lurking—which is alarming. If you live in a place where the water is hard, full of minerals and contaminants, or simply tastes or smells strange coming straight out of the tap, you may want to consider a water filtration system installation.

What Kinds Of Water Filtration Systems Are There?

The water filtration system you choose will depend on your reasons for needing it. For instance, you may have clean water that simply tastes or smells strange because of sulfur (which is harmless). This will require a drinking water filtration system instead of a system that is designed to eliminate harmful chemicals.

The three most common types of water filter systems each offer homeowners a different way to filter their water. They include:

Carbon Filter SystemCarbon Filter System

A carbon water filtration system is when the water passes through multiple layers of active carbon, which traps and keeps impurities and bacteria from entering the water that you’ll be drinking and using.

reverse osmosis water filtering systemReverse Osmosis

The perfect filtration system for purifying water that will be used for multiple things including drinking, cooking, washing, and gardening, reverse osmosis works by passing the water through a membrane and then pumping it back into your pipes. This method allows clean water to pass through while sending contaminants down the drain…away from you and your family.

Water Filtering System For Whole HouseWhole House Water Filters

Whole house water filter systems are very popular, and they are exactly what they sound like: they provide clean water for the entire home, not just one faucet. Also called “point of entry systems”, whole house water filtration systems treat the water as it enters the home. These systems are typically placed near the water meter or pressurized storage tank, and they provide clean water to each faucet in the house. These are typically used with a water purification system for maximum cleanliness.


Benefits Of A Water Filtration System Installation

Hard water is one thing—contaminated water is another. Whether you’re considering a water filtration system installation because of taste, chemical elimination, or simply because you’re tired of having hard water, there are many benefits to a water filter system, including:

Health. When you use a water filter system combined with a water purification system, your water is cleansed of all the minerals and chemicals. The hormones, pathogens, pesticides, etc. in the water are removed…meaning they won’t find their way into your body.

Appliances Work Better. When your water is cleaner, everything else gets cleaner, too—including your laundry, hair, skin, dishes, and anything else you clean inside your home.

Savings. Having clean, ready-to-drink water available inside your home means you won’t need to purchase bottled water. Appliances will also not need to “work” as hard when washing, so your water bills will be lower as well.

Your Las Vegas Water Filter System Experts

Your family’s health is priority. If you want to enjoy clean, crisp water with the peace of mind that you’re not drinking contaminants, a water filtration system is what you’re looking for. Whether you want a single tap faucet water filtration system or a whole house water filtration system, our professionals at OSP Plumbing & Rooter can take care of your needs. Simply contact us today for a quote!