Shower And Tub Installation Services In Las Vegas

You use your shower or bathtub every single day. Because of this, it gets worn down over time. And also because you use it every day, shouldn’t it be as clean, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing as possible? At OSP Plumbing, we think yes. Whether you’re just looking for repairs or you’re interested in an entirely new bathtub or shower, we can provide a professional and easy shower or bathtub installation for you.

Shower Repair and Installation Bathtub installation

When Is It Time For A New Shower Or  Tub?

We understand that people can get attached to their showers and bathtubs, but after awhile, it’s a good idea to update them. Why? Here are some good reasons:

Wear And Tear

Cracks in the bottom of the tub, yellowing til

e, chipping grout, stains, dents, and leaks are all signs that your shower or bathtub needs a makeover. By ignoring these issues, you’re putting yourself at risk for mold, mildew, and serious leaks.

Water Behind The Wall

This common issue can come from an improperly-caulked job, and can result in terrible mold or mildew problems. Sometimes homeowners have to have an entire shower or bathtub installation, as well as a mold remediation, to correct this problem.


Perhaps you need to have a safety rail installed or need to upgrade to a walk-in shower for mobility reasons. Whether it’s for yourself or a family member, with changing circumstances, sometimes our showers and bathtubs need to change as well.


Many homeowners decide to install a shower or new bathtub at the same time that they are remodeling other parts of their bathroom. By taking care of everything at once, you can save yourself time and energy, and you can ensure that everything goes together smoothly.

Size Issues

Some homes have showers or bathtubs that simply aren’t big enough to comfortably fit their owners. If you feel like you have to duck in the shower or bend your legs to fit inside your bathtub, this is not ideal.


Nothing says “BUY ME!” like a gorgeous new bathroom. If your potential buyers see an outdated bathtub or grimy shower tiles, that is definitely not going to encourage them to buy your place. A new shower or tub installation, however, will be very impressive and can do wonders for the value of your home.

Do any of these situations sound familiar? If so, it may be time to call a shower or bathtub installation specialist like OSP to get a more practical and attractive new unit.

Your Las Vegas Shower And Bathtub Installation Professionals

Your shower or bathtub should be a place you go to relax—not a place you step into and begin noticing all the problems. A clean, fresh shower or tub is very important.

If you’re looking for the best bathtub and shower installation professionals in Las Vegas, you’ve found us! We approach every project with knowledge and expertise, and our aim is to please you and install your shower or tub in the quickest, safest, most unobtrusive, and most affordable way possible. We truly take pride in our work. If you’re ready for a tub installation or shower upgrade in Las Vegas, please contact us.