Water Softener System Installation Services In Las Vegas

Sometime in your life (maybe even right now) you’ve probably dealt with hard water, which is basically water that contains a very high mineral count. Groundwater often “sweats” through limestone, where it picks up calcium and magnesium deposits.

Hard water is common in both well water and city water, and because it can cause lots of household problems, many homeowners decide to use a water softener system installation to correct these problems.

This is a very popular service that our team at OSP Plumbing & Rooter provides. Having soft water with no mineral deposits helps greatly with home appliances, and can also help individuals avoid hair and skin issues. After all, water in the home is more than just water—it’s a tool that we use for dozens of daily tasks. So when that tool isn’t working as well as it can be, it’s time to look at some options.

What Problems Does Hard Water Cause?

Have you ever wondered where the phrase “hard water” comes from? Previous generations invented this phrase because mineral-infused water literally caused cleaning around the house to become harder.

Even though other minerals exist in hard water, it’s typically the calcium and magnesium that cause problems. When heated, these minerals emerge out of water and encrust themselves onto items as “scale” or mineral deposits, which can have the following effects:

  • Water Has A Metallic, Eggy, Or Dirty Smell/Taste
  • Sinks, Tubs, Toilets, And Showers Can Be Stained Red Or Brown
  • Can Make Your Hair More Difficult To Manage
  • Can Dry Out Your Skin Or Can Cause Skin Rashes Or Irritation
  • Can Make It More Difficult To Clean Laundry
  • Can Clog Pipes With Scale, Which Can Lead To Low Water Pressure And Plumbing Issues
  • Can Cause Appliances To Wear Out More Quickly
  • Higher Water Bills Due To Appliances Working Harder

As you can see, hard water can cause some serious problems for a homeowner. But by installing a water softener system, you can find a way around hard water.

How Does A Water Softener System Work?

While lots of people are convinced that water softener systems use salt (sodium) to soften the water, this isn’t true. Water softener systems get rid of the minerals in hard water as it comes in from the source. Water softeners use thousands of tiny polystyrene beads to “pull” the minerals out of the water as it passes through the appliance. The salt cleans these beads during regeneration cycles so that the beads always continue working to pull out the minerals—leaving your water soft and much more useable.

Your Water Softener System Installation Experts In Las Vegas

At OSP Plumbing & Rooter, we can provide you with a water softener system installation to make your life easier. Our professional plumbers can answer any questions you may have about your new water softener, and we’re happy to provide you superior quality and customer service. If you’re considering installing a water softener system, please contact us today.